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Community Rules

The Terms
I'm setting some ground rules for Techtonica to keep this place fun, open minded and free. If any of the below rules are broken, we'll be forced to enforce disciplinary action against any user who breaks them. That being said, we, the Techtonica leadership, reserve the right to alter and update these rules as we see fit but we will try not enforce new rules on past behaviour depending on the circumstance.

The Rules
  1. Don't Be a Dick
    This is pretty straight forward, but it needs to be said.

  2. No harassment, discrimination or abuse of any kind
    (Calling someone a shill/fanboy is also considered unacceptable behaviour).

  3. No pornography, sexually explicit or illegal content
    This is a tech forum, let's try to keep it that way.

  4. Post threads in their appropriate boards/categories
    We actually don't love moving threads around, who knew?

  5. No spam
    There are appropriate boards for discussing your app/website/program. Do not abuse this.

  6. No trolling, flamebaiting, or doxxing
    See rules #1 and #2. This isn't 4chan, let's try to keep it that way.

  7. No pirating
    Torrenting is fine, but DO NOT discuss, share or distribute pirated content. Hackintosh is the only exception to the rule.

  8. Only one account per person
    Any duplicate accounts will be deleted in favour of the original. If you're having issues getting access to your account, please send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you sort it out. This forum is accessible to guests, there should be no reason to create another account.

  9. Do not share people's personal information without their explicit consent
    This includes email addresses, phone numbers, etc. See rule #6.

  10. Do not share personally identifiable information pertaining to anybody under the age of 16, including yourself, regardless of whether you have permission to do so.
    That's pretty self explanatory.

  11. Signatures should be text-only. No images or links.
    While this helps keep the site loading fast and the hosting bill manageable, this is also for the sake of the users. We want to keep this place as ad-free as possible.

  12. Do not openly discuss the moderation of any content or user.
    If you feel someone has been disciplined unfairly please contact a staff member We are open to discussion about it in a private matter. User feedback is very important to Techtonica.

  13. No backseat moderating
    Techtonica has a report function, please use it if you see a who user is acting inappropriately and/or breaking the forum rules. This applies to everything listed above. Keep in mind that Staff are unable to view personal messages unless they are reported.
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