Jack's 'Battlestation'


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I present to you, my battlestation. I was handed down a prebuilt Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition 5 years ago and have been 'upgrading' it ever since. I've added an SSD and second HDD for storage along with an RX 580 for a few gamey games on the side. The case was passed to me by my school district head admin. It was the same computer the district gave him upon his day of hire. I saw it laying in his office one day and asked about it. He said he was planning on throwing the poor thing out later that day. A true shame to take such a beautiful case to dump. I simply had to do something. Since that day I have housed all of my parts behind its glorious beige side panels. I appreciate absolute silence while using my battlestation and for that reason (and only that reason) I have chosen not to put a single fan into the case. No intake, no outflow. Silence. Perfection. The clever placement of the PSU does not allow me to replace my CPU stock cooler for anything larger in volume. This is a constant reminder to me never to betray Intel. All of their products (including stock coolers) are superior to their shameful competitors. Now with the backstory out of the way, the specs and pictures:

CPU            Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4Ghz
COOLER         Intel Stock
RAM            24gb (2x8 + 2x4) @ 1600mhz DDR3
MOBO           DELL Something or Other
GPU            AMD RX 580 4gb
PSU            DELL Something or Other 450W
SSD            LITEONIT LMT-32L3M mSATA 32GB
SSD2           Kingston Digital A400 SSD 120GB
HDD            WD Blue 2tb 7200RPM
HDD2           WD Blue 1tb 7200RPM
CASE           The most beautiful piece of metal man has laid eyes on (ASUS)
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